Annuity Fund

The New England Carpenters Guaranteed Annuity Fund was established in December 1981 to provide a supplemental retirement income for participating carpenters. 

When you become eligible to participate, an account is set up in your name. Your employer makes contributions to your account (you do not contribute) and the Fund provides a guaranteed interest rate each year on your account balance. If the Fund experiences a particularly good year, members may be eligible for a bonus in addition to their guaranteed return.

Typically, members may not access their accounts until they retire or have left the Plan for 24 consecutive months or become totally and permanently disabled. However, if you’ve had an account for at least 12 months, you may be eligible to take out a loan for up to 50% of the balance in certain circumstances.

This site contains important information about the Guaranteed Annuity Plan, how it works, forms and resources you'll need. If you are thinking about retiring, contact the Fund Office 800-344-1515 (press option 4, then option 2) to find out how to apply for your Annuity benefits.