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Health Benefits Fund
If you divorce from your spouse, notify the Fund Office as soon as possible. The Plan will cover your ex-spouse as required by the divorce, but under no circumstances will the Plan cover both the ex-spouse and a current spouse.
If you get legally divorced, you must provide the Fund Office with the following information:
  • A copy of your divorce decree; and
  • If you have children and you do not have custody, a copy of any Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO), if applicable.
If your spouse wants to continue coverage under the Health Benefits Fund, he or she must:
  • Contact the Fund Office; and
  • Enroll in COBRA Continuation Coverage.
  • Your former spouse may continue coverage under COBRA for up to 36 months. He or she must notify the Fund Office within 60 days of the day that the divorce becomes final. The Fund Office will then send the COBRA Notice and enrollment information to your former spouse.
Pension and Annuity Fund
The Pension and Annuity Plans may be required to pay benefits to your ex-spouse or children if you divorce. If you and your spouse divorce after you begin receiving payments under the 50% or 75% participant-spouse benefit, your ex-spouse is eligible to receive benefits after your death unless as part of the divorce settlement, you obtain a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) that revokes the Participant-Spouse benefit.
A QDRO is a court order from a divorce proceeding that describes rights to your retirement benefits. With a QDRO written in your favor, you can prevent your ex-spouse from receiving the survivor benefit and receive the full value of our Pension or Annuity retroactive to the date of the divorce, provided you file for divorce within twenty-four months from your pension or annuity starting date.
If a QDRO is issued, the Plan may be required to pay a portion of your benefits—regardless of what form of payment you selected—to your spouse, former spouse or other dependents for alimony, child support or marital property rights.
If you are still working, a QDRO may specify which form of benefit payment offered by the Plan you must elect when you start to receive your benefit payments. The Trustees will notify you when the Plan is served with a QDRO.