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Health Benefits Fund
If you legally marry, your spouse is eligible to receive dependent benefits under the New England Carpenters Health Benefits Fund. To enroll your new spouse, you should provide the Fund Office with the following information:
  • A copy of your marriage certificate, available from the town or city hall where you were married;
  • Your spouse’s date of birth and Social Security number; and
  • A copy of your spouse’s medical insurance information, if he or she is covered under another group insurance plan.

Once you provide the required information, your spouse is eligible for coverage under the Fund as of the date of your marriage. If you wish to name your spouse as your beneficiary for your life insurance benefit or accidental death and dismemberment benefit, contact the Fund Office for “Change of Beneficiary” form.
Pension and Annuity Funds
For purposes of receiving a retirement benefit through your Annuity Plan or Pension Plan, your spouse is your “eligible” spouse after you’ve been married for one full year immediately before you receive your benefit or before you die.
Your eligible spouse is automatically your beneficiary for your Pension and Annuity benefits.
Standard Form of Payment for the Pension – 75% Participant Spouse Benefit
Standard Form of Payment for the Annuity—50% Participant-Spouse Benefit
When you receive your Pension or Annuity benefit, the automatic form of payment for married participants, as required by law, is a benefit that provides for your spouse. If you’re married at the time benefits are paid, you will receive the participant-spouse benefit unless you and your spouse formally waive this form of payment.
The participant-spouse benefit provides a reduced monthly benefit for you, for your lifetime. Upon your death, your spouse receives 50% of the monthly amount for the Annuity and 75% of the monthly amount for the Pension for the rest of his or her lifetime. The reduction in your benefit is necessary in order to provide payments for both your lifetime and your spouse’s lifetime.